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Studio 6: Stéphane Hébert


Originally from Montreal, Canada, Stéphane Hébert trained as an architect 20 years ago, with painting being an integral part of his education. Despite his passion for design, Stéphane decided to pursue further education and a career in psychology instead.

In 2015 Stéphane returned to his original love, painting. He slowly built a repertoire and recently started showing his work, securing an exhibition at the Old Chelsea Gallery in Chelsea, Québec in July, 2017.

Stéphane’s paintings reflect his introversion and the emotions which have been an integral part of his work in psychology. For Stéphane, words are not as natural a communication vehicle as painting. Once he gets out his brushes, palette knives and paints and starts applying them to canvas, he can express himself without constraint or hesitation. At that moment, the paint becomes words and the canvas a piece of paper. Each brush or palette stroke is a word or sentence that can be worked or re-worked the same way one would write text - or would speak - to express feelings, thoughts and ideas. From the first application of paint on the canvas, everything is intuitive. The moment guides him, everything flows. A dialogue is created between the painting and himself, and they feed off each other. The painting speaks to him; he responds, and the conversation continues for as long as either one of them has something to say or something new to listen to. Once he no longer has anything to say, or he is not hearing anything new from the painting, then he knows the painting is complete. The conversation has ended.


Sinking, Acrylic, 2018

What Lies Beneath


Contact information:

Studio location:
Stone School Gallery,
28 Rue Mill, Portage-du-Fort, QC

Facebook: stephanehebert.artist
Phone: (819) 775-9556

GPS coordinates (WGS84 datum):
45.5910° -76.6653°